Returns and Delivery Policy

Returns will only be accepted within 7 days after delivery of any product, the Buyer must notify us by phone if any product has been damaged or spoilt before delivery, has been incorrectly sent, has been short delivered or has been incorrectly invoiced.

Where a claim is being made by the Buyer for items damaged prior to delivery, photographic evidence must be provided by the Buyer. If photographic evidence cannot be provided, acceptance of the claim is at our absolute discretion.

Once we accept a claim, we will either (at our discretion), replace the products the subject of the claim, paying the cost of replacing the products or reissuing the invoice so that it correctly reflects the products delivered. The Buyer has no other remedy in the event of a claim.

We may, in our absolute discretion, (but not obliged to) accept returns of products which the Buyer has incorrectly ordered (a Product Credit), provided that the Buyer requests the Product Credit within 7 days after delivery of the product.

Products being returned must comply with the following conditions:

  • They must be unopened, in their unit of measure and in their original manufacturer's packaging which has not been marked, defaced, damaged or interfered with in any way (other than prior to delivery to the Buyer).

Products returned without approval will not be credited.